A new Knights of the Old Republic game might be in the works

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic BioWare
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Rumours are a flimsy thing, but EA holds the game-y Star Wars license, which is pretty much an internationally recognised permit to print money. The word on the street has it that Zombie BioWare Austin is working on a new KOTOR game. And why wouldn't it?

Rumours are a funny thing, but they get even more hilarious when they make perfect sense and can be weaponised with an alt-fire mode that shoots hype and fanboy speculation. This latest one about Zombie BioWare Austin working on a KOTOR remake/reboot was probably solidified by this tweet:

Drew Karpyshyn, who was the lead writer on the first KOTOR, was innocently responding to the question whether he is working on a new game. That seems to have been enough, couped with speculation that Zombie BioWare Austin is now exclusively working on Star Wars dairy products.

While we are spinning the rumour mill, I have one of my own, so remember where you heard it first. The next Knights of the Old Republic game will have you hopping from planet to planet in the attempt to destroy or capture some super powerful weapon or tech. It will feature new characters such as, totally not Han Solo, totally not Darth Vader, totally not HK-47 (or even the actual droid in the uhmm,... flesh), and of course totally not Mary Sue force sensitive protagonist person with just enough brain damage to service the plot but still maintain basic motor functions. It will have multiplayer similar to that of Mass Effect: Andromeda, with a lot of microtransaction content on the side. It will also feature transgender Jedi and their Sith counterparts.

BioWare[undefined]Basila - Proof that Star Wars simply doesn't work without at least one pompously insufferable character.

Knights of the Old Republic was a breath of fresh air back when it was released, and Obsidian's troubled sequel took the freedom that a new period in the Star Wars canon offered and turned it into an actual story. A KOTOR reboot/remake is a certainty, because money. Only thing that remains to be seen is what happens to a breath of fresh air once it emerges on the other end of EA's digestive tract.

There is no official response by the company yet. Even if the rumours are completely on the wrong track, there is bound to be a new KOTOR at some point, and the internet going berserk at the slightest mention of a new game is all the proof EA needs to consider production a little more seriously - as soon as Andromeda fades from everyone's memory.