StarCraft II lead gameplay designer is moving to a new project

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StarCraft II lead gameplay designer David Kim is moving to a new project within Blizzard after several long and fruitfull years. No word yet as to what that project might be.

David Kim, lead gameplay designer for StarCraft II is moving to a new design project within Blizzard. The designers relocation was announced on the Blizzard forums a few days ago, and while people shuffling around within a company is anything unusual, it becomes interesting when more than one top tier staff member with close design ties to StarCraft II transitions to a new project in a relatively short time.

Kim was at Relic Entertainment before he made the move to Blizzard. Relic being famous for its strategy titles and Kim being a high-level StarCraft player makes it no mystery why Blizzard got him on board in the first place. What is interesting about the move is the way it is described in the forum post: "I’ve reached a point in my career where I’ve decided to branch out to a different project, to explore, learn, and grow as a game designer."

PinterestBlizzard HQ - Somewhere inside that building a lot of furniture is being moved aroundBlizzard HQ - Somewhere inside that building a lot of furniture is being moved around

The implication is clear that whatever Blizzard has planned, it won't be a strategy title, and Heroes of the Storm developers also moving to new projects, while issuing similar statements on the forums, rules out another MOBA. Overwatch is more likely than not staffed well enough at this point, and too far along in its lifecycle to require additional design staff of such calibre.

It is possible that the mystery project will be a very micro-intensive affair, if the expertise of the people moving around within the company is anything to go by. If you happen to have a better idea about what Blizzard might be working on, help us speculate in the comments.