Next Call of Duty to be set in WW2 - confirmed

Call of Duty - World War 2  YouTube
Call of Duty - World War 2

A sign of desperation in the wake of dwindling sales? In any case, the guesswork was spot on, CoD is returning to World War 2.

The latest CoD franchise instalment will supposedly be called "Call of Duty: WW2". Hopes are high that this is just a working title, or someone seriously dropped the ball in the naming department.

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As SubReal noted back in January, Activision has decided to turn back the clock on one of the spammiest game franchises in recent memory - most likely due to Infinite Warfare falling short of sales expectations. Smiling shareholders are the best kind of shareholders, and nothing makes them feel happier or safer than saying "we will be doing that sure thing that made you lots of money over a decade ago, again".

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Eurogamer spoke to a guy they know, who pretty much confirmed the time period the game will be set in. This years corridor shooter re-skin is under development by Sledgehammer Games, which corresponds to Activisions game/developer (re)cycling pattern - Sledgehammer, Treyarch, Infinity Ward - ad infinitum.

As for Activision's marketing, a similar pattern is emerging - leak, deny/ignore, confirm. Hey, you can leak as much as you want as long as you don't show any of the actual game, right? Wouldn't want anyone judging an unfinished game. This way you can have your safe profits and eat them too.

NonLinearThis guy could dual-class as a plumber/welderThis guy could dual-class as a plumber/welder maybe?

The video game industry is badly in need of a plumber or welder. If leakage continues at this rate dehydration might doom some of our favourite publishers.