Pokemon GO updated to have Shiny filters and new attributes for the upcoming Legendaries

Pokemon Deoxys in its attack form
Pokemon GO - Deoxys Attack Form

Niantic released a new update for Pokemon GO. The latest patch adds a "Shiny" filter to the game's search function. Dataminers have uncovered some new quests as well as added attributes for Deoxys and Castform.

Pokemon GO has been updated to a newer version for both iOS and Android systems yesterday. The official details from the dev team mention an improved in-game news feature, a "Shiny" filter for the search function and some obligatory bug fixes and performance updates.

NianticThree different weather conditions in Pokemon GOPokemon GO - dynamic weather system

For any other mobile game, that would be it, but the good people of The Silph Road have been hard at work, digging through the update files to bring its other features to light. The first thing they found is the new Quest functionality. In the past, the daily spin and catch bonuses were called Quests, but now, there are two new types of Quests appearing in the game files:


Along with the new quests, there are 10 new objectives available, and those include hatching an egg or winning a gym battle, along with multi-part objectives. Attributes include rewards, context, and the goal. 

NianticPokemon Deoxys in its attack formPokemon GO - Professor Willow

Professor Willow also makes an appearance in the game files as a Quest character. The datamine also came up with flags such as QUEST_PRECONDITION_MEDAL, that will serve as prerequisites for players to start certain quests. Even though the files have been uncovered in the latest update, it doesn't mean the Quests will go live right away.

Niantic has a habit of dumping the files for some upcoming update bundled up with the current one. They pulled this trick recently when they lay down the groundwork for the new Legendary Pokemon and third-generation ones that are now appearing in the game.

The game's news section now prioritises unread news, and Niantic went ahead and overhauled the energy bar used in combat, at least from a technical perspective. The new attributes for currentBar and maxBars, along with a new 'key' system might help support multiple energy bars, or just make updating the progress of the energy bar better than before.

NianticPokemon Deoxys in its attack formPokemon GO - Castform

Deoxys and Castform now have new Pokedex display buttons. Along with gender and shiny status, the two have received new attributes such as their "forms". As a result, the in-game Pokedex now supports Pokemon forms. A new attribute that stores the Trainer's latitude and longitude has also been added, but we'll probably have to wait a while longer to find out what it's for.

We recently found out that Pokemon GO will no longer be supported on devices that run iOS versions before iOS 11, so the app now supports checking the user's device to make sure they are running a valid OS.