PUBG's new PC update has an anti-cheat measure that may cause your game to crash

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bluehole
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG's PC test servers are sporting a new patch. The latest update has brought some more performance improvements both server and client-side. Due to the new anti-cheat system, some players might experience game crashes.

PUBG's Steam page has a new update for everyone who takes part in the race to obtain a chicken dinner. The Xbox One version of the game has also been updated recently. The latest PC patch has brought further optimisation to the overall gameplay.

PUBG Corp's intention, says the announcement is to "enhance the performance by adjusting some aspects of the game without impacting the gameplay in any conceivably negative way".

BlueholePlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The most anticipated improvement has to be the new security (anti-cheat) measure that is still under development, but the team has to start testing it in order to reveal any unforeseen issues. "Some PCs may experience compatibility issues during this test, which may cause crashes when starting the game". If the game happens to crash, you can post a screenshot of the error message to the PUBG forums.

PUBG's previous update has dealt with the server and client performance issues by adjusting the visible distance while the character is in the air. The most recent patch, however, focuses on spreading out the pre-match starting locations. Now there are multiple areas you can choose to gather in before your match starts. This change will help improve the performance, both server and client-side.

In other PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds news, PUBG's main theme music is now available to stream and purchase. The artist who wrote it - Tom Salta, AKA Atlas Plug - also wrote music for games like LawBreakers, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Halo: The Fall of Reach.

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Salta said in a statement: "I really hope the fans enjoy it as much as I did writing and producing it!". Bluehole audio director Haejin Lee added, "We were looking for an orchestral electronic hybrid theme that would give players a huge build-up keeping them resolutely determined until the beginning of actual gameplay."

You can listen to the new single via iTunes, or Spotify. The latest PC patch notes are over on PUBG's Steam page, and all game crashes should be posted here.