WoW patch 7.2 PTR introduces flying to the Broken Isles

World of Warcraft: The Broken Isles
World of Warcraft: The Broken Isles

More PTR content coming to World of Warcraft's 7.2 patch

Flying will be available for testing this week, along with quest chains with a Class Mount at the end of each one. A temporary NPC has been added near the Menagerie in Dalaran and he'll give out the Pathfinder achievements as well as start the players off on the quests for the Class Mounts. New dungeon the Cathedral of Eternal Night is now fully open and ready for testing.

BlizzardWorld of Warcraft: Class MountWorld of Warcraft: Class Mount

A number of changes and improvements have been made to the Mythic+ system:

  • Mythic Keystones can now direct you to three new dungeons: the Cathedral of Eternal Night, Upper Karazhan, and Lower Karazhan.
  • Several new affixes have been added to the mix: Bursting, Fel Explosives, Quaking, and Grievous.
  • Bolstering, Necrotic, Skittish, Fortified, Tyrannical, and Sanguine have been adjusted, and Overflowing has been removed.
  • Some boss and trash mechanics have been adjusted (for example, Seagulls will now grant Enemy Forces credit in Eye of Aszhara).
  • For PTR testing, Flaskataur in Dalaran will sell a Keystone Container, and affixes will be on a 4-hour rotation (instead of weekly).

Artifact Power reward system has also been tweaked and longer dungeons and higher level Keystones will now reward more of the stuff

The reactions to the patch are in:

BlizzardWorld of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft

Some want more AP for their hard work 

BlizzardWorld of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft


BlizzardWorld of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft