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SteamWorld Dig 2 and InnerSpace coming to Switch, PS4 and Steam

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SteamWorld Dig 2 Image & Form
SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 and InnerSpace are two indie games coming to Nintendo Switch. SteamWorld Dig 2 was revealed during Nintendo’s Nindies. InnerSpace is a universe of inverted physics where the player takes on the role of cartographer.

SteamWorld Dig 2 will launch for Nintendo Switch on 21 September. The game's price tag will read £14.99. SteamWorld Dig 2 was revealed today during Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase in a brand new trailer.

You can expect somewhere around 10 hours of gameplay and multiple boss battles in a big, world which you're free to "explore and dig through at your own pace". SteamWorld Dig 2 will be made available for PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4 a few days after it launches for Switch. SteamWorld Dig 2 is playable at PAX West this weekend.

Image & FormSteamWorld Dig 2SteamWorld Dig 2

On to InnerSpace. These two games don't have a whole lot in common, however, they are both indies and will soon be available for PlayStation 4, Steam and Switch.

InnerSpace is set in a universe of inverted physics.The player takes on the role of  "the cartographer" and is tasked with uncovering long forgotten secrets of the ancients deities that once inhabited the land. While at it, you'll "discover paths to uncharted worlds, where gravity pulls outward, instead of grounding to the planet's center".

"The idea for InnerSpace came to us when we were playing, of all games, Super Mario Galaxy," said Eric Brodie, CEO of PolyKnight Games. "We wondered what would happen if we incorporated those mind-bending physics and puzzles into a flying game, and InnerSpace was born. A mind-bending game on a mind-bending console. As young developers finishing our first game, which started as a KickStarter project, we couldn’t be more excited."

InnerSpace will soon be available for Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux. Release dates are incoming, and the game should cost somewhere around £14.99.