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Conan Exiles launching on Xbox One - US release has no genitals

Conan Exiles - The gang Funcom
Conan Exiles - The gang

Conan Exiles is arriving on Xbox Game Preview today. The Frozen North expansion will be included in the Xbox One launch and will be added to the PC version of the game at the same time. The US version will not feature the game's trademark intimate parts.

Conan Exiles is coming to Xbox Game Preview today. The Xbox version will contain all the updates that the PC version has recived since its Early Access launch in late January this of year. In addition to these updates the Xbox version and PC version will both contain the Frozen North expansion.

FuncomConan Exiles - The gangConan Exiles - New dungeons

The Xbox One release won't be equal between the US and EU releases. A feature that will be missing from the US release is the optional nudity.

Owing to differences in how ratings boards define their 18+ for EU and Mature for US ratings, players in the US will only be getting partial nudity compared to EU player's access to fully customisable genital hilarity. Female character models have their genitals rendered with less detail, but the US rating probably won't take away the ability to mess around with upper body dimensions. 

FuncomConan Exiles - The gangConan Exiles - Lots of new furniture

The developers have detailed many of the changes made since the Steam Early Access launch in the video above. The change that might actually get me to go back into the game is the promise that building material costs for construction have been reduced considerably, because building anything beyond a basic hovel in Conan Exiles was a serious pain.

FuncomConan Exiles - The gangConan Exiles - The game has also undergone some optimisation in the past 6 months

Conan Exiles is scheduled for a full launch in early 2018. It's always good seeing a survival game actually leave Early Access in a timely fashion, but it still remains to be seen whether Funcom will be able to keep their planned release window.