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Super Mario Run available for Android

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run became available for Android three months after its iOS release.

Super Mario Run hit the Google Play Store's digital shelves one day before it was scheduled to do so. This release came roughly three months after the iOS users got to tap their screens and make the moustachioed Italian jump.


The Android version's deal is the same as iOS's was: the download and the first three stages of the game are free, and then there's a one-time payment of £7.99 required in order to keep the plumber running. The Android version launched at 2.0, meaning it comes with the latest updates made to the iOS version.

There is no doubt that the game will be a success on the Android as well, seeing how the users of the operating system have been eagerly awaiting its release. However, it has quite large shoes to fill considering the success of its iOS counterpart.