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Rain World got a release date

Rain World Videocult
Rain World

There's an indie game coming out soon and it's about a white slugcat. What a time to be alive

Rain World will be featured at PAX East this upcoming weekend so everyone interested can get up close and personal with the slugcat at the Adult Swim booth. Videocult, the game's developers, will also be on hand to answer all of the burning questions.

VideocultRain WorldRain World

We know so far that the slugcat is searching for its family in a large world where you have to run from the rain faster than a girl with naturally curly hair who just got it staightend. Both predator and prey, the player has to navigate the world full of enemies who learn all your tricks along the way.

Rain World will hit PlayStation 4 and Steam on 28 March. Pre-orders for PlayStation 4 in Europe have already begun. Everyone interested in North America will have to wait until 14 March.

VideocultRain WorldRain World