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Rainbow Six Siege has reached an impressive player count

artwork showing tachanka from r6 siege with red glowing eyes
Lord Tachanka

Ubisoft have officially revealed that their online tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has reached 50 million players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The huge milestone comes four years after the game's release in December 2015.

Ubisoft's online shooter Rainbow Six Siege has come a long way since its release back in December 2015. Criticised for lack of content and a very noticeable downgrade, Rainbow Six Siege was not a promising title for Ubisoft at the beginning of its journey.

However, credit where it's due, the developers added a ton of new content to Siege over the last couple of years and today, we're looking at a totally different game, which is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide.

In fact, the game's popularity is best reflected in its player count and Rainbow Six Siege has a huge new milestone to share. Ubisoft officially announced via the game's Twitter account that Rainbow Six Siege has reached an impressive player count of 50 million registered users across all platforms - PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game managed to attract these numbers after four years of development, four major expansions and ton of updates and tweaks. On Twitter, Ubisoft also shared a special message in which they made it clear that Rainbow Six Siege is going nowhere. "We've said it before, and we'll say it again... We are here to stay. Thank you for 50 Million players!" the publisher wrote.

As you may know, Rainbow Six Siege introduces a ton of new maps, operators and weapons every year and Ubisoft also regularly host free weekends during which players could try out the game for free, which certainly helped to attract more players.

Additionally, Ubisoft will look to expand the Rainbow Six franchise with a spin-off named Quarantine, which is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2020.

UbisoftPromotional image for Rainbow Six SiegeRainbow Six Siege

All in all, a lot of good news for Rainbow Six series that for sure. If you enjoy the game, read about the potential Tachanka rework and Amaru and Goyo operators.

Take a look at Ubisoft's tweet here.