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WoW Classic first Ragnaros & Onyxia kills are by bunch of gnomes

Promotional image of Ragnaros in World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft - Ragnaros

World first Ragnaros and Onyxia kills have happened. A guild named APES took them both down, without even having to level all raid members to 60. Ragnaros fight was fairly smooth but Onyxia was somewhat close to wiping the gnome-led raid.

Gnomes are absolutely dominating World of Warcraft now. First, a balding gnome reached level 60 before anyone else and now a pile of gnomes led two separate raids and conquered both of them. As you may know by now, WoW Classic only has those two raids, just like back in the day on release.

The first one is Molten Core where APES took their gnome-dominated crew and witnessed the execution of Majordomo Executus. Ragnaros then turned his attention to the tiny creatures that invaded his lair and the epic battle commenced.

After roughly six minutes of tank and spank tactics, APES emerged victorious as the Firelord fell and provided some of them with bad loot. As per Xn's statement, the level 60 was not mandatory for a fairly large chunk of the raid team and most of the collective resources were funnelled into making their tank geared up enough to withstand Ragnaros' fiery rage.

Tank and spank tactic obviously worked great and APES were the first ones to conquer Molten Core. They decided to immediately attune themselves to Onyxia and invade her lair. 

Black Dragonflight's broodmother proved to be more of a challenge for the knee-high adventurers though. The raid went fairly smooth itself but Onyxia managed to wipe out most of the squad and even Xn felt like the battle came to a point too close for comfort.

APES' super tank Maitoz fell and it could be a disaster with Onyxia on just about one per cent health left.

BlizzardPicture of a bunch of gnomes celebrating Ragnaros' demiseWorld of Warcraft Classic - APES standing victorious over Ragnaros

The rest of the crew pulled their own weight though and Onyxia died not long after the tank, in large part thanks to the two Rogues firmly on top of the DPS count list. 

There are currently no other raids to be taken down in WoW Classic but Onyxia's brother, Nefarian, is the next on the hit list, as soon as Blackwing Lair opens up.