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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: all editions revealed and explained

Picture of wounded Nomad in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will come in four editions - Standard, Gold, Ultimate and Wolves Collector's Edition. Each edition will offer different items and Ubisoft have explained what exactly you'll get if you decide to purchase one of these.

We are only two months away from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Ubisoft's next instalment in the tactical shooter series. As you may know, the publisher promise a ton of new features and the biggest open world yet.

If Breakpoint looks like a game that you could have a lot of fun with, Ubisoft will host a beta test in the near future so you can test the game and see if it's worth buying. If you decide to purchase Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, you're probably wondering which edition you should get.

There are four Ghost Recon: Breakpoint editions including Standard, Gold, Ultimate and Wolves Collector's Editions. Now, each of these brings different items and have different prices. 

Standard Edition is, of course, the cheapest with its $59.99 price tag. It doesn't come with fancy bonuses or anything similar, you just get the game and that's it. However, if you decide to pre-order Standard or any other edition of the game, you'll get some extra items: Valor Assault Rifle, Hammer MK.2 Vehicle, Sentinel MK.2 Heavy Outfit.

Gold Edition of Breakpoint gets you 3-day early access to the game, steel box (physical only), Year 1 Pass which includes 2 DLCs, launch mission, early unlock for 3 new classes and Specs Ops Forces Pack. Digital version of Gold Edition costs $99.99 while physical is $109.99.

The Ultimate Edition includes all the items from Gold Edition and a little bit more. You get Survivor Pack with Promise Handgun, Primal Knife, Skell Credits & XP Boosters, Off-Road Pack with Trail TX Motorbike, GX Spider Buggy, Vehicle Skins and a bonus mission. You'll have to pay $119.99 for the digital version of the Gold Edition while physical is $129.99.

And finally, Wolves Collector's Edition packs everything from the Ultimate Edition, plus 24 cm high Cole D. Walker figurine, exclusive steel box, game soundtrack, waterproof map, Walker's Dog Tag and confidential file with 3 lithographs. All this will cost you $189.99.

UbisoftGhost Recon Breakpoint artwork showing items from the Collector's EditionGhost Recon Breakpoint: Collector's Edition

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out on 04 October 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.