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Rainbow Six Siege apparently leaked new operators once again

A lot of operators from Rainbow Six Siege in a promotional picture for Pro League.
Rainbow Six Siege

Grass is green, EA likes money and Ubisoft failed to plug the pipes again. The already leaked Peruvian and Mexican operators leaked once again, this time with concept art which provided us with the first look at the South-American duo.

One would think that the entirety of the fabled counter-terrorism unit Rainbow was comprised of liquid humanoids since the new operators always leak before they are officially announced or even teased.

Such was the case with Peruvian and Mexican operators that are slated for release later in 2019. Ubisoft didn't officially provide any information on them, except the nationality, but leaks have already revealed their gadgets to be a flaming shield for the defender and a grappling hook for the attacker.

Well, that leak is not what this article about, it would be hard to classify it as news, given that the leak is almost two months old. The new leak is actually artwork supposedly coming from Ubisoft, which offered us the first look at the South-American duo.

Kormora, the poster at ResetEra who tends to provide reliable Rainbow Six Siege leaks, confirmed the pictures are legitimate not long after they popped up on Reddit.

Furthermore, the artwork suggests that the male operator is going to use some sort of remotely-operated device as he is seen blowing up a moving truck which would confirm him to be the defender with the flaming deployable shield.

There isn't much to suggest the female operator uses a grappling hook in the artwork but she is shown to be checking out some sort of an artefact. Naturally, we would think of characters like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in such a setting, which could be a vague hint at her acrobatic abilities.

UbisoftA lot of operators from Rainbow Six Siege in a promotional picture for Pro League.Warden was teased even before he was leaked

Another loose hint that Ubisoft dropped a while ago when Harry took over as the new Six is a sticker that reads "Antiquities trafficking" next to a picture of an Aztec temple. This probably means the female operator is Mexican and was teased the same way Warden was - via the elaborate board with the operators' psychological profiles.