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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay footage shows Gunfight mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare screenshot showing a gunfight
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward released the first gameplay footage of their upcoming shooter Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The gameplay has been recorded in 4K on PS4 and it shows a couple of matches of Gunfight mode, which was streamed on Twitch last week.

Earlier this month, Infinity Ward and Activision revealed a brand new mode for their upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. At the time, we only got a couple of details about the mode and shortly after the announcement, Gunfight was streamed on Twitch by some popular Call of Duty streamers.

It's safe to say that many were left unimpressed by the footage, which didn't look that good with Twitch compression and streaming quality. However, Infinity Ward promised back then that new gameplay footage will be shared pretty soon and that players will be able to see the game in the highest available quality.

Well, the gameplay is here and just like Infinity Ward promised, it's in 4K and it looks much better than the one from Twitch streams. The gameplay once again shows us Modern Warfare's brand new mode named Gunfight on all three maps - King, Pine and Stack - only this time, it's action-packed and much faster.

If you've watched the streams, you'll know that players spent the majority of time hiding or camping, which didn't really do the game justice at all. As revealed earlier, Gunfight brings even faster gameplay to Call of Duty series. It's a 2v2, close-quarters mode, set on tiny maps with a big emphasis on quick matches.

Infinity Ward promise that more details and maps for Gunfight mode will be revealed on Thursday, 01 August 2019 on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer gameplay premiere.

Hopefully, we also get some gameplay footage of the singleplayer campaign that is shaping up to become one of the most realistic stories ever in the Call of Duty series.

Activisionmodern warfare screenshot showing stealthy sniperCall of Duty Modern Warfare

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