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Death Stranding gets a few teasers, more news coming on 29 May

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Death Stranding

Learning more about Death Stranding hasn't been an easy task, as Hideo Kojima is keeping it well under wraps, but it seems that the time of cryptic teasers is done. Well, that's unless you count today's two, which also gave us a date.

The first teaser as posted on Kojima's personal profile, and it's a video, presumably of in-game footage, seen through a hand-shaped poke hole.

Ironically, it's not unlike the drip-feed Kojima fed us with Death Stranding so far, as most fans are still guessing about most things about the game.

The tweet reads, "Create the Rope", which is most likely a reference to the Death Stranding's yet-to-be-detailed connection gimmick that Kojima insists plays a huge role.

Death Stranding's second teaser was posted on Kojima Productions' Twitter and it reads, "The countdown of #DEATHSTRANDING has started... May 29th. Create the rope."

Obviously, the metaphor for connection is something Kojima is pretty proud of, and both he and actor Norman Reedus have mentioned on a few occasions that nothing quite like this has been done before.

Whether that's truly the case will be seen in two days, on 29 May 2019, when we're supposed to learn more, most likely hearing it from the man himself.

In spite of his rich track record, Kojima has quite a lot to prove, as this is his first non-Konami game.

There's also the fact that this is a Sony exclusive, and that Kojima did a lot of artsy mocap with some expensive actors, so there are costs here too.

Nevertheless, his cryptic Death Stranding promo campaign is mostly working and many fans are excited over what Kojima's cooking up.

We've seen a few trailers but they seemed focused on showcasing the weirdness and connection between the planes of life and death.

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Kojima recently said that he's found it immensely better to work with actual actors, as they tend to add even more depth to written characters.

You can find the video tweet here, and the date announcement oever here, while the rest is hopefully coming in two days.