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The Division 2 loot as junk and rifle fire rate are coming back

Picture of an Mk 17 in The Division 2
The Division 2 - Mk 17

Massive Entertainment held another State of the Game show for The Division 2 and revealed their future plans for the game. Some of the highlights are the planned fire rate fixes for the rifle category and loot as junk option coming back.

Rifles are considered to be the "trash" tier of The Division 2 weapons. They are far from useless but for everything rifles do, there is another weapon that does it better. These issues originate with the abusers back in Private Beta when the semi-automatic weapons' fire rate was much higher but limited by physical capabilities of the players.

Cheaters used macros and got rates of fire nearly identical to those of automatic weapons which prompted Massive to put a cap on the semi-auto rate of fire, making rifles inferior in the process with the exception of Mk 17 which was still a good weapon. Then it got nerfed.

Anyway, a future update should address this issue to some extent and the rate of fire will be fixed because it was "wonky" but Massive didn't specify what exactly they might do.

Title Update 3.0 brought some good but also some bad things to The Division 2. Two of the bad things are the return of the hyper-aggressive NPCs and the lack of "Loot as Junk" button.

Both of these will be fixed in update 3.1 and the beloved button will be back so players can easily put the newly acquired items into the trash department so it can get sold or deconstructed in bulk. The NPCs will also be fixed so the bullet sponges with massive damage will no longer run behind the player's lines or simply rush them down.

Massive EntertainmentPicture of an Mk 17 in The Division 2Mask alignment will be fixed soon

Unfortunately, there is currently no official date for the 3.1 update.

Further down the road, the fourth Specialisation will be added in Title Update 4. As previously teased, it will feature the minigun but there is not ETA on this update yet. It will, however, have a PTS version before it goes live. You can check out the entire report on the video.