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The Division 2 Dark Hours Raid won't get easier on consoles

the division 2 screenshot showing two agents inside a ruined building
The Division 2

Massive Entertainment confirmed that they don't have any plans to make The Division 2 Dark Hours easier on PC and consoles. In the latest State of the Game, developer Chris Gansler said that the team is happy with the difficulty levels.

Earlier this month, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment finally introduced the long-awaited Title Update 3 for The Division 2, which included the franchises' first raid experience. While some players are enjoying the new content, there are a lot of those who think the raid is nowhere near where it should be in terms of balancing, rewards and fun factor.

Those who play the game on consoles are much louder in their discontent. Apparently, it's a lot tougher to hit certain weak spots on the enemy with a controller than with a mouse and keyboard. 

At the moment, around 200 players on consoles completed the raid while more than 7000 PC users managed to do the same. It's a huge difference that for some, points out at poor balancing on PS4 and Xbox One. Despite this, the developers don't have any plans to make the raid an easier experience.

In the latest State of the Game stream, community developer Chris Gansler talked about the issue and some rumours about changing the raid's difficulty. "We’ve heard rumours about us changing the raid difficulty, there are currently no plans to change that," Gansler said and added that the team is completely happy with the raid at the moment. "We know the raid is harder on consoles, but we are happy with where we’re at," Gansler concluded.

Console players certainly won't be happy with Gansler's words and they are already voicing their opinions on The Division subreddit. They feel that they've been locked out of content they paid for due to its difficulty and see Gansler's words as a cheeky git gud dig at them.

Ubisoftthe division 2 screenshot showing two agents inside a ruined buildingThe Division 2

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