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Fallout 76 update brings the Project Paradise event

picture showing three characters
Fallout 76

Bethesda have released the newest Fallout 76 patch notes. This update brought Project Paradise event where players get to explore some bio laboratories that may be soloable content but it seems like grouping up is still highly advised.

Project Paradise will take players to the cavernous Biome Labs where some scientists performed experimentation on live beings. Some of it may have been done before Great War but the patch notes suggest some may have been done even after the bombs fell.

Biome Labs will be located in the caverns that are now open for exploration and they are located beneath Arktos Pharma. In order to kick the event off, players will need to visit Arktos Pharma's building in the Forest region and explore it a bit. Entering the lobby should let players see an elevator that will take them down into the labs. 

It appears that the experiments have not stopped yet, however, as players will be tasked with aiding Arktos Pharma with their experiments on the creatures found in Appalachia. Some of them found their way into the labs and unwittingly became guinea pigs. Performing these testing tasks will award players "new loot" and experience.

There are three Biome Labs in total and Bethesda stated players will need to keep their wits about them in order to claim the best rewards. While the content difficulty could warrant groups on its own, Bethesda suggested bringing additional pairs of eyes in order not to miss anything.

Enemy level will be over 50 in Biome Labs so it is strongly suggested to have a tweaked out character to delve into the caverns with. That Vault Suit is unlikely to protect anyone from anything.

Bethesdapicture showing three characters Get your big boy pants on, forget the puny Vault Suits.

The update also added new challenges, bug fixes and performance upgrades. One patch notes reads "Fixed an issue that could cause the PC game client to crash" but it doesn't explain which issue it was or how many there still are that may cause crashes.

You can check out the full patch notes if you'd like a closer look.