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The Division 2 Dark Hours Apparel event is now live

the division 2 artwork showing several agents with guns
The Division 2 - Dark Hours Apparel event

The Division 2 Dark Hours Apparel event is now officially live and it brings a fresh batch of new cosmetic items that will be available through limited-time Dark Hours Apparel cache. The event introduces 40 new apparel items to collect.

The Division 2's Title Update 3, which introduced a bunch of new changes and a fresh batch of new content is up and running now, and today, Ubisoft also released another event as a follow up to Dark Hours raid. 

It's The Division 2's second Apparel Event named simply Dark Hours. Just like in the previous event, you'll get an opportunity to earn new cosmetic items trough limited-time cache that brings 40 new cosmetic items. To earn these, you'll have to obtain keys to open Apparel Caches trough gameplay or direct purchase before the event ends.

As for the rewards, the Dark Hours Cache pool is split in five full outfits inspired by the Operation Dark Hours raid, the Ballistic Mask, four emotes and eight weapon skins. For those who complete all five outfits, Ubisoft have a special Field Respirator Mask as a gift.

Those who collect all the items from the event will get the Offsite Activities Uniform which is only available during the Apparel Event.

Furthermore, Ubisoft are giving one free key to all players who log into The Division 2 during the first week of the event. Those who own Year One Pass will get an additional three keys as a bonus, again, available until the event ends.

You can earn keys by doing Weekly Apparel Projects, these will reward you with four keys each. Keys can also drop when reaching Field Proficiency upon each level after 30 and when reaching Dark Zone Proficiency. If that sounds like too much work, you can always spend your hard earned money and buy them directly with Premium Credits.

You can check some of the emotes and weapon skins on the official website. The Division 2 Dark Hours Apparel event will run until 06 June 2019.

Ubisoftthe division 2 artwork showing several weapon skinsThe Division 2 - Weapon Skins

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