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Epic Games Store is about to have the first sale since inception

Spoof image of Gabe Newell and Tim Sweeney among a pile of sales
Sweeney's attack on Gaben's sales spoof

Epic Games Store is getting the first large-scale sale in the near future but not quite yet. The leaked information actually came from a message of the day notification that was supposedly broadcasted by accident in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Epic Games are looking to deal another blow to Valve through their respective stores. It seems like a big store-wide sale at Epic Games Store is imminent.

Fortnite players were greeted by a new message of the day on 14 May 2019, notifying them a major sale is happening in Epic Games Store. There was no actual sale in the store though as the actual sale is going to happen in the future and the message was apparently broadcasted by accident.

Fortnite's official Twitter account did acknowledge that Epic Games are gearing up for a major sale in the future but it hasn't launched yet. There was no mention of when the sale might actually happen but they did say Epic Games' social media will notify users when to look for discounts.

One interesting takeaway from the image of the notification is that Epic Games will give out $10 of store credit to users who enable two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, neither Twitter nor community managers on Reddit confirmed nor denied whether those who already enabled the feature will get the reward.

Steam's Summer Sale is not far away either but it usually happens in the latter half of June each year. If Epic manage to promote their own sale and launch it sooner, they could pull another chunk of business right from under Valve's nose.

Epic GamesSpoof image of Gabe Newell and Tim Sweeney among a pile of salesFortnite keeps leaking and it's not the lava

While no one is free of mistakes, it is not excluded that the one with Fortnite's message of the day wasn't entirely unintentional. Announcement of a major sale along with a $10 giveaway is a huge chunk of marketing so it's possible Epic capitalised on it. Intentional leaks for the purpose of marketing are already happening in the industry so it wouldn't be too far fetched if Epic hopped on the bandwagon.