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The Division 2 will get a post-mission stats report in the future

Picture of a high tech room in The Division 2
The Division 2

Massive Entertainment are not slowing down with The Division 2 post-launch support as some folks from the PTS noticed a new feature in the game - a post-mission screen that shows the damage done, revives and many other useful statistics.

The Division 2 has a post-mission report up on the Public Test Server (PTS) which the players seem to like so far, most likely because it could help them optimise their builds and see what works in actual fighting situations instead of just shooting immovable targets in the range at the White House.

Initially, it will just show damage dealt, kills, revives and accuracy which is fairly barebones but the same person who reported the new feature on Reddit found the expanded tab as well. 

This one shows much more - deaths, weak points destroyed, armour pieces destroyed, damage dealt to named enemies and more. The feature is obviously still rough around the edges though since one of the provided screenshots shows the player's accuracy being negative five per cent.

Technically, something like that already existed in The Division 2 before the mods were changed but this stat probably measures how many targets the player actually hit and how often they did so.

Being in the negative would make no sense, in a similar way it makes no sense to divide by zero. It would have an impossible prerequisite, which in this case would be shooting and missing enemies with more bullets than the player had available. Five per cent more bullets, to be exact.

Some fans may be afraid that this would cause toxicity and unwanted kicking from the groups because someone else could peek at their stats but Ubisoft apparently thought about this and decided to make the stats available only after a mission.

UbisoftPicture of a high tech room in The Division 2The Division 2 - Dark Zone

Therefore, statistics-induced flaming and kicking should not be an issue, at least in regards of performance in the mission. On the other hand, players tend to do bad things every day in The Division 2 and filtering the mission stats may stop additional bullying but it is not the root of the problem so flaming will persist even though players can't check their stats in the middle of the mission.