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PlayStation 4 worldwide sales reach 96.8 million units

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PlayStation 4

Sony have officially confirmed its flagship gaming console PlayStation 4 has sold 96.8 million units worldwide since its launch. In their latest financial report, Japanese tech giant expect that sales reach over 110 million by March 2020.

As the next-generation flagship console from Sony inches closer and first hardware details finally getting revealed, the company shared some details about its current top of the line gaming product - PlayStation 4. 

According to the numbers in Sony's financial report, PlayStation 4 total worldwide sales reached 96.8 million units by 31 March 2019. This is, of course, the number of sold PlayStation 4 units since the console launched back in November 2013. 

Sony also confirmed that 2.6 million consoles were shipped during the third quarter, which is up 100k more from the same period of the previous fiscal year. In the 2018 fiscal year, Sony sold a total of 17.8 million consoles which is 1.2 million less from the 19 million sales in the 2017 fiscal year. However, it's higher for 300k units than Sony's prediction of 17.5 million. 

For the 2019 fiscal year, Sony expect a decrease in PlayStation 4 hardware units sales but an increase in game and software sales. They expect to ship 16 million units between April 2019 and March 2020, and if they succeed in that, the number of sales would go over 110 million by March 2020.

As for the PlayStation services, PS Plus subscribers numbers topped 36.4 million as of March 2019, which is up for 2.2 million when compared to last year's 34.2 million subscribers.

PlayStation 4 full game software sales in the fourth quarter are also up when compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year. 54.7 million games have been downloaded in Q4 2019 alone, while over the course of the fiscal year, PS4 users downloaded staggering 257.6 million games.

You can check Sony's FY2018 Consolidated Financial Results on their official website for a closer look at these and other sales numbers and forecasts for the fiscal year 2020.

SonyPicture of a PlayStation 4 sitting on a table or somethingSony PlayStation

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