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The Division 2 Nemesis exotic marksman rifle talents datamined

Picture of the Nemesis sniper rifle in The Division 2
The Division 2 - Nemesis

The Division 2 PvP often sees one-shot sniper builds with the Model 700 but PvE will finally get its killer marksman rifle with Nemesis. Data miners have revealed the weapon's talents hinting it could hit almost as hard as TAC-50.

Nemesis will have three talents, just like any other Exotic weapon. The first talent, Counter-Sniper, makes this weapon have a unique shooting mechanic. It will behave like a rail gun since the player will need to charge up the shot before unloading.

On the bright side, the charged shots will deal bonus body damage and if the shot doesn't kill a target, the next shot will charge faster.

The second talent is called, well, Nemesis. It will cause your weapon to mark an enemy, enabling you to track them through walls and increasing the damage you do to them with Nemesis by five per cent each second they spend marked, up to a total of 50 per cent bonus damage.

Preparation is the third talent and it will passively increase your headshot damage when Nemesis is holstered, probably providing one of the best holstered talents in the game as it synergises well with just about any other primary weapon, be it another marksman rifle, LMG, rifle, assault rifle or anything, as long as it can be scoped.

All three talents sound fantastic but the caveat is the shot charging mechanic - it will force players to aim for prolonged periods of time, leaving them exposed to enemy fire. Judging by Nemesis' massive base damagethe weapon should provide opportunities to one-shot enemies in PvP even with body shots but it will be extremely impractical due to being forced to scope a bit too long.

On the other hand, it will be a great complementary weapon for those one-shotting people with an M700 as it will passively provide an additional 25 per cent headshot damage, but will still force people into using scopes.

UbisoftPicture of the Nemesis sniper rifle in The Division 2The Division 2 - Model 700 is still the marksman rifle king

PvE is likely where Nemesis will truly shine though. NPCs usually prefer to flank and kill players closer to them which means a well-placed sniper will be able to pick them off, especially when their exotic marksman rifle hits like a truck.

Nemesis has about 120,000 301,500 damage at 500 Gear Score. In case one were to fully charge a body shot and hit an enemy they've been tracking for 10 seconds, they would be able to come dangerously close to the damage of an actual signature weapon shot or even outdamage it, depending on how long the target was tracked.

Check out the amazing spreadsheet made by Dartrunner, Regis, Ahmad and Ruben Alamina for information on all Exotic talents, as well as many other useful information bits.