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Ubisoft fix The Division 2 Signature ammo problem in latest patch

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The Division 2

Ubisoft have released another minor patch for The Division 2, focused on some annoying issues that appeared after the Tidal Basin update. The patch boosts Signature ammo drops and fixes a couple of fast travel and crafting issues.

Last week The Divison 2 got its biggest update named Tidal Basin, which introduced a brand new stronghold, World Tier 5 and increased Gear Score limit to 500.

However, not everything went as Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment planned, and along with the fresh content, the update added some big issues.

Players complained that ammo for their Signature weapons is so scarce that it makes it almost impossible to use them properly and requested a Test Server for future updates to prevent these problems.

Ubisoft immediately confirmed that Specialisation ammo drop rate is lower than expected and that a fix is on the way. Well, the fix arrived in the patch which is now live on all platforms. 

In the patch notes, Ubisoft state that they fixed an issue where Specialization ammunition drop rate was lower than intended meaning that you should now be able to use your weapons more frequently.

The patch also fixed some other issues like fast travel to the Castle settlement and several cases of abnormal Bounty boss skill-use behaviour. You can check the full list of fixes below.

  • Fixed not being able to fast travel to the Castle settlement.
  • Fixed several cases of abnormal Bounty boss skill-use behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Nemesis crafting materials to be unobtainable.
  • Fixed Delta-03 error occurring at the end of Conflict matches.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the pathfinding line to behave abnormally when in close proximity to your destination.
  • Fixed the “donating” sound playing repeatedly after having donated and abandoned a daily mission.
  • Fixed an issue related to cache countdown timers.
  • Fixed an issue where Specialization ammunition drop rate was lower than intended

Ubisoft also confirmed that Public Test Server is coming for Title Update 3, to test the new content and the new items. It will be available only on PC and Uplay.

Ubisoftpicture showing two soldiers looking at horizonThe Division 2 - Comms room second floor

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