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Pokemon GO Fest coming to Chicago, Dortmund and Asia

Pokemon GO announcement of Chicago Fest
Pokemon GO

Niantic and Pokemon GO have had quite the year in 2018 and the company doesn't plan for 2019 to be any less impressive. They reminded trainers of the first Safari Zone in South America and that Chicago, Dortmund and Asia Fests are coming.

Of course, the South American Safari Zone event is already behind us, but there is plenty of upcoming content.

Niantic didn't give the exact number of Pokemon GO events in 2019 but they stressed they're aiming for more than in 2018, which featured 4 Safari Zones and 12 Community Days.

Among them is the upcoming Safari Zone in Sentosa, Singapore, which is coming "in just a few weeks", but the real star is Niantic's Pokemon GO Fest, which is coming to Chicago, Dortmund and a yet to be announced location in Asia. 

  • 13-16 June 2019: Pokemon GO Fest Chicago
  • 04-07 July 2019: Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund
  • 2019 Summer: Pokemon GO Fest Asia (To be announced)

All this is part of Niantic's efforts to have as many players playing together as possible and even if you can't make it to the Fests, Pokemon GO trainers will have ways to participate.

"A number of Safari Zone events are coming up in the second half of 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for more", they wrote.

When it comes to Pokemon GO Community Days, Niantic wrote that players should mark 19 May, 08 June, 21 July and 03 August dates in their calendar. 

More details about each of the Pokemon GO Fests should be revealed as we draw closer to the dates.

You may recall that the Pokemaker teamed up with UN on promotion of tourism, which is pretty great considering that a recreational activity can be married to an educational one in Pokemon GO. 

Nianticpicture showing diglett in pokemonPokemon

Niantic have recently found themselves in hot water in the US, over trainers who hunted for Pokemon on others' properties. The lawsuit has been settled since but the company had to agree to several provisions that will ensure trainers are made aware that not everyone appreciates uninvited visitors.

You can find Niantic's announcement here.