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The Division 2 patch 1.03 buffs specialisation crossbows

picture showing a female soldier shooting at enemy
Combat in The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have released patch 1.03 for The Division 2, bringing a fix that essentially buffed the crossbows wielded by Demolitionists along with plenty other fixes. The patch also addressed several exploits.

Massive Entertainment have proven to be quick when it comes to resolving issues in The Division 2 after removing a game breaking bug hours after it was first reported. They are continuing their streak with patch 1.03 which fixed many bugs, although they weren't too severe.

Crossbows' explosion was having issues with AoE damage as it wasn't working properly but the issue is now fixed. Survivalists should feel the improvement for their specialisation as the signature weapon will properly damage all targets around the one that the bolt is stuck on.

Exotic weapons' sounds have been fixed so they will have proper ones when using suppressors while a mysterious weapon that was a work in progress has been entirely removed. It will be properly named and balanced at a later point, after which it will be presumably put back into the game.

NPC behaviour has been fixed so they can actually react to grenades being tossed at them now. Gameplay fixes also include the ropes in Beekeeper Jeff side mission, which weren't deploying properly before, effectively rendering the mission impossible to complete.

Castle can no longer be unlocked prematurely, loot can no longer be repeatedly gained for killing bosses over and over again in invaded missions. 

PC players used to run into problems when they tried to play with someone on the same network or interacting with each other. FreeSync 2 HDR can also be selected properly even if players don't have a high-end configuration.

Ubisoftpicture showing a female soldier shooting at enemyThe Division 2

These may be just a few highlights and patch notes allegedly did not account for all the changes and fixes but Massive Entertainment are definitely launched one of the most stable online experiences lately and are looking poised to keep it that way. You can read all the patch notes on the official forums.