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Bioware to fix Anthem crashing issues in the future updates

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Bioware confirmed that they are working on Anthem crashing issues which should get fixed in one of the future patches. On top of that, the developer listed a number of implemented fixes since the day one patch landed on 21 February 2019.

Anthem's first big patch introduced much-needed improvements and changes that players have been asking ever since the looter shooter's beta tests. While many were finally able to play the game as intended, others weren't so lucky, and for them, the day one patch was nothing but bad news.

The Reddit mega thread for day one patch bugs was quickly filled with numerous comments from players who started encountering issues they didn't have before the patch. Bioware's Community Manager responded that the developers are working on some issues and that fixes are expected soon.

Well, the fixes are here, but there's still no reason for celebration for those who encountered the biggest problems, such as crashing to desktop. These issues are tougher to identify and fixes for them will land in one of the future updates. Furthermore, the developers are hopeful to fix the bug which prevents the final boss from spawning and HDR issues.

While Bioware still asks for patience on the worst gremlins, they have addressed some problems through live changes that don't require a patch download. You can check the fixes below:

  • Coin changes for Daily/Weekly
    Issue that displayed and rewarded the incorrect amount of Coin from various activities has been fixed.

  • Stronghold Matchmaking
    The timer that allows for matchmaking in a stronghold has been extended. This should allow groups to fill easier when matchmaking

  • Non-stop Rain
    An issue that was causing it to rain in the game more than intended has been fixed.

  • Fusion Proc Bonuses on Weapons
    Weapons were incorrectly applying infusion proc/bonuses from being equipped when they should only have been applying bonuses from the weapon that was in the active slot.

  • Chests found in Missions changes
    Chests found in missions now have less of a chance to drop higher tiered items.

  • Emotes Not Properly Saving
    The issue that was causing emotes not to save properly when bound has been fixed.

  • Shield Fix
    An issue that was allowing players who still have shields active to be one shotted by high damaging attacks has been corrected.

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Of course, every bit of work that makes Anthem a better experience is always welcomed by the players, but many would wonder why is the game out in this state in the first place. 

Serious concerns were raised during the VIP Demo and to see the same issues repeating on the full launch is nothing but disappointing. This also reflected on Anthem's review scores which aren't doing Bioware and EA any favours.

To make things even worse, EA blacklisted a YouTuber for being too harsh on their title. How about they listen to them, for once?