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Apex Legends players with PS Plus getting a batch of free goodies

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If you're a PlayStation 4 owner that's taken a liking to Respawn's Titanfall royale Apex Legends, you should know that EA and Sony have teamed up for some exclusive goodies in the Apex Legends Play Pack, free for all PS Plus members.

The Apex Legends Play Pack comes with six items in total, the first two being exclusive PlayStation-themed camos for the Flatline and RE45 guns.

Next up are Apex Legends' Gibraltar and Bloodhound, each of whom gets exclusive character camo and same goes for banners, one for each of the characters. 

Apex Legends is, of course, completely free to play on PlayStation 4, i.e. no need to have PS Plus or anything, but you will need the subscription if you plan on getting the Play Pack.

Thankfully, these aren't the sort of Apex Legends goodies that get you banned, which isn't something we can say for the Twitch Prime rewards.

In case you didn't know, players found out that the method EA use to determine whether you've linked your Twitch Prime account to Apex Legends is so basic, that it can be fooled with a single command line argument added to the game's start shortcut. 

It's as easy as typing "+twitch_prime_linked 1" in the command line and you'll be richer by five loot boxes and an exclusive Pathfinder skin the next time you fire up Apex Legends.

That being said, be aware that if you choose to go that route, you're running the risk of being punished retroactively, at least as soon as EA find out they're being cheated. What the punishment may be is basically anyone's guess at the moment.

Having banned 16,000 cheaters only recently, Respawn and EA made it clear they won't tolerate such behaviour in Apex Legends, so it's a question of whether you're willing to risk a ban over a few measly skins.

Respawn EntertainmentPicture of some nature in Apex LegendsApex Legends - Twitch Prime rewards

Apex Legends has had a stellar start to its out-of-the-blue career, racking up 25 million players in its first week on the proverbial shelves and hitting 2 million concurrent players at peak times.