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The Division 2 will have an additional test for the PC players

SHD agents are walking around in overgrown Washington DC ruins
The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have announced an additional Technical Test for The Division 2 in order to test some fixes they implemented, but it will be available only for some PC users from Thursday to Friday - 21 to 22 February 2019.

The Division 2's Technical Test will be performed on a smaller scale as not all PC fans who pre-ordered the game will have access. The purpose of this test will be to check how the game performs after the implementation of fixes that are a direct result of player feedback from the private beta.

These tests will be implemented in time for open beta, but it is unknown whether they are performance related or simply dealing with in-game bugs. There is no NDA so in case you didn't get invited to participate, you will likely be able to check gameplay on livestreams. 

Speaking of invites, they were handed out on 20 February 2019, so check your mail, just in case. Unlike in the beta events, those who are invited will not be able to invite their friends for a group run. As we previously mentioned, the test will not be available on consoles and this likely due to Ubisoft having to go through Microsoft and Sony certifications which take days or sometimes weeks. Running the test through Uplay doesn't impose such time barriers.

Those who make it to Technical Test will have access to similar content as in private beta, with the exception of Conflict, endgame and the Photo Mode. PvP will still be available through Dark Zone. 

Apparently, the test's main purpose is to deliver a smoother experience during open beta, which is kicking off on 01 March 2019 so a more enjoyable experience should be available then.

AltcharSHD agents are walking around in overgrown Washington DC ruinsThe Division 2

If you get invited to the Technical Test and find some issues, you will be able to report them on the official forums. Hopefully, there will be more of improvement between the two beta tests in The Division 2 than there was in Anthem.

You can read up more on the Technical Test on the official website.