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Red Dead Redemption 2 dominates GDC Awards 2019 nominees list

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GDC Awards 2019

With seven nominations, Rockstar's mammoth Red Dead Redemption 2 is leading the list of nominees for the GDC Awards 2019. PlayStation 4 exclusives God of War and Spider-man are close behind with 12 nominations, Game of the Year included.

This year's Game Developers Choice Awards are just two months away and the organisers shared the list of nominees that will compete in ten categories, including the prestigious Game of the Year.

Much like in its earlier appearances at The Golden Joystick and The Games Awards, Rockstar's western Red Dead Redemption 2 has been nominated in quite a few categories. In fact, Arthur Morgan's adventure will compete for seven awards including Best Audio, Best Design, Innovation Award, Best Narrative, Best Technology, Best Visual Art and Game of the Year.

Having lost two previous Game of the Year awards to Fortnite and God of War, one has to wonder whether Rockstar can make the third time lucky. Either way, we will know come 20 March 2019.

Sony can be proud of their exclusives in the past year as SIE Santa Monica's God of War and Insomniac's Spider-Man have been nominated in 12 categories combined. Kratos and his boy will be looking to win another Game of the Year award after picking up The Games Awards Show's trophy. Additionally, God of War is also nominated for Best Audio, Best Design, Best Narrative, Best Technology and Best Visual Art awards.

Marvel's Spiderman was also nominated in the same categories as God of War and hopefully, Spidey will have more luck this time. The game failed to pick up a single award this year although it's got little to do with the quality of Insomniac's creation, and everything to do with the calibre of the competition.

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Among other titles that had several nominations are indie platformer Celeste and Papers, Please dev's new game Return of the Obra Dinn, both of which are also Game of the Year nominees. Additionally, Celeste is nominated for Best Audio and Best Design while Return of the Obra Dinn picked up nominations for Best Narrative and Best Visual Art.

For more info about the event, nominees and categories, you can check out the GDC website.