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Ubisoft Division 2 dev in trouble after PewDiePie incident

picture showing YouTuber PewDiePie

After calling out the popular YouTuber on Twitter, The Division 2 developer Dianna Lora has reportedly been fired by the company. Since the incident, Lora has removed any mention of Ubisoft from her bio and set her profile to private.

World's biggest gaming YouTuber PewDiePie has been in all sorts of trouble lately. In one of his recent videos, PewDiePie mentioned a small but controversial channel named “E;R” which has been releasing some anti-Semitic content along with gaming essays.

You can guess which type of content was the reason for PewDiePie's shootout but since then, he released another video saying that he had no idea about the other stuff on the channel. The popular YouTuber explained that he only mentioned it because of the Death Note essay which he "really enjoyed".

The recommendation has been edited from the video after Ubisoft's developer Dianna Lora attacked PewDiePie for his mention of E;R YouTube channel. Lora posted a series of tweets calling on the gaming industry to "end this dude" and development studios to "cut ties with him".

Many PewDiePie fans didn't take this lightly and her tweets led to some serious backlash. Some people demanded that Ubisoft takes action against the developer while others were calling for a boycott of The Division 2.

Twitterpicture showing a tweetThe tweet that cost Dianna Lora her job apparently

When it looked like the dust is finally settling, YouTuber TheQuartering released a video in which he claims that some Ubisoft employees have contacted him to confirm that Dianna Lora has been fired from the company. This claim is actually looking like a legit one as Lora's Twitter bio no longer mentions Ubisoft and The Division 2 and her profile is now set to private.

To be clear, Ubisoft did not release any official statement on the developer's status and it's possible that the company only asked her to change it and put a "thoughts and opinions are my own" message in her bio.

We're going to keep an eye on the whole situation in the upcoming days and keep you updated for any official confirmations. Until then, you can check PewDiePie's response to Lora's tweets on his YouTube channel.