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Ubisoft announce Division 2 technical alpha dates for PC

picture showing two soldiers looking at horizon
The Division 2

Ubisoft announced a closed technical alpha dates for the upcoming shooter Division 2. The alpha will be running from 15 December through 18 December 2018 and only a small group of pre-selected players will get the chance to test the game.

Division agents will have the opportunity to test the technical stability of the upcoming online shooter The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed that a closed alpha will go live on 15 December before ending two days later - 18 December 2018. It will be available only to a limited number of players who already registered for a chance to participate in testing.

The alpha will run only on PC and it's been designed to run at a certain scale and host a smaller number of players. Ubisoft also made it clear that everything players experience in-game falls under strict NDA so don't expect any gameplay footage or information in the upcoming days. Of course, there is always a possibility that someone will break the rules.

If you're one of the lucky people who got their invitation, you can start preloading the game right now so everything is up and running once Ubisoft unlocks the closed alpha on Uplay. Unfortunately, Ubisoft didn't share any information about the in-game content, classes, skills, PVP or which parts of Washington will be open for exploration during the testing.

Ubisoftpicture showing two soldiers looking at horizonThe Division 2

Ubisoft will also host The Division 2 Beta tests and we should get more info on that soon. For comparison, The Division beta started in January so it's possible that the publisher will go with the same month for the sequel testing. If you pre-ordered the game you're automatically eligible for beta and those who would rather wait for reviews before spending their money can sign up for testing on The Division 2 website.

Recently, Ubisoft offered more insight in The Division 2 skills. Some of the skills are modified and improved versions of the ones featured in the first game but Ubisoft also included some brand new skills like drones and chem launcher. You can find a more detailed info about the new skills on the official developer blog.