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BioWare tease Dragon Age 4, reveal little worth knowing

Picture of the new Dragon Age announcement
Dragon Age 4

Rumours about the next entry in Dragon Age series kept popping up for months until The Game Awards and an official announcement happened. Unfortunately it didn't show much as the game is still several years away from full release.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a four-year-old game by now so we will feel free to drop a few spoilers down the line, which will be necessary as the announcement ties directly into the ending of Inquisition's last DLC. Continue at your own discretion, but if you watched the reveal trailer, chances are you either already played it all or spoiled the ending for yourself.

The person speaking in the trailer is obviously Solas, who was probably the most likeable companion in Inquisition next to Iron Bull and Sera. That is, until he revealed himself to be Fen'Harel, the elven deity of betrayal. It didn't seem like much of a plot twist afterward that he betrayed the Inquisitor and magically chopped their arm off. Technically he saved their life, but the story is a bit more intricate.

He appears to be the main antagonist of the next dragon age as the few pictures shown in the trailer all reference him, and Fen'Harel also says "So, you've found me at last. I suspect you have questions" in Solas' voice. The official twitter also noted that #TheDreadWolfRises , confirming their identity.

Fen'Harel's tone implies that he knows the person he's talking to and if it happens to be the player, it could even mean we get to play the next adventure with the Inquisitor again. That would be a first in the series though, as each installment so far had a different protagonist.

BioWarePicture of the new Dragon Age announcementDragon Age Inquisition

It's a bit of a stretch at the moment, since the game is still in such early stages that BioWare wouldn't show it yet. Nothing is officially confirmed by the developers, so this is just a rumour right now. Although, we could start the rumour mill up and go pester Mark Darrah on Twitter, he did offer plenty of info on Anthem so far, after all. He also left a message for Dragon Age fans.