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Remember when Battlefield V's team called players uneducated?

A WWII soldier walking over a vast corn field in Battlefield V
Battlefield V

Now, this oversight wouldn't have nearly been as worthy of notice had Patrick Soderlund not called Battlefield V fans uneducated, but since he did, let us recall the time when Britain had a Queen in World War II. When was that again?

Well, never, since Britain's monarch at the time was King George VI, Queen Elizabeth's father. Unfortunately, Battlefield V's cosmetics department doesn't seem to have heard of this as the Union Jacked item has "For the Queen" written on the back.

Unbeknownst to Dice, Britain's monarch was male until 1952, which is when King George passed away. I truly apologise to anyone who'd prefer a more inclusive version of history but that's what the books say. I know, they're probably uneducated.

Some users propose that "For the Queen" is still a viable phrase that could hypothetically exist in Battlefield V's settings, since Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was a widely beloved figure. This, of course, sounds exactly like the type of research Dice's research department would do.

This is not the first time Dice have found themselves in hot water over history mangling and their latest historically accurate statement saw them claiming that the USSR switched sides on more than one occasion in WWII. This statement made many a player from the former USSR complain and demand apologies, prompting Battlefield V's producer David Sirland to rephrase the statement to something completely different.

Apparently, what he meant to say was that the USSR was a block of its own that deferred neither to the Axis nor Allies. He wrapped the statement up by saying that they actually deserve their own faction, such was their importance, which seems to have done the trick.

EABattlefield V's Union Jacked itemBattlefield V, For the Queen

Things like this are barely immersion-breaking and wouldn't normally be worth pointing out. That being said, considering the epithets that some seasoned Battlefield V fans were subjected to, most notably the uneducated one, it can't be sweeter.

Needless to say, the issue can be found on Reddit, in case you're up for some uneducated discussion.