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Devil May Cry 5 pre-load available five months before release

Picture of Nero aiming his Blue Rose revolver in Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5

You can now pre-load Devil May Cry 5 for some reason, even though the game is due for release on 08 March 2019. Capcom didn't officially comment on the reasoning yet, but it will definitely be beneficial to players with capped connections.

Devil May Cry 5 pre-load is currently only available on Xbox One, thankfully, as being available on PC would mean a field day for rum enthusiasts. It would look and fare really bad for Capcom if everyone had access to their game for free, months ahead of the official release date.

Xbox One users have also reported that the file size is just under 30 GB, and it's already installing on their systems. This leaves a really big question about whether the game could be released sooner, if the current file contains all the content from Devil May Cry 5.

Polishing is a welcome sight, especially in the days where we get releases full of bugs and game-breaking glitches, but five months seems a little bit too much for just that. Perhaps the game is not ready on all platforms yet, and Capcom don't have a timed exclusive deal with Microsoft.

Then, there is the question of PC optimisation, which could definitely use more work. We have previously noted that the PC requirements look rather ridiculous, since the game has a minimum requirement of i7-4770 CPU, which is way more powerful and expensive than what consoles have.

No pre-load on PlayStation 4 is probably not an issue on Capcom's side either, as Sony's rules don't allow pre-loads to happen until a few days before the release date.

It is noteworthy that Xbox users already tried launching the game, but didn't manage to as it simply states Devil May Cry 5 is not available yet.

CapcomPicture of Nero aiming his Blue Rose revolver in Devil May Cry 5Devil May Cry 5, Nico

This could still benefit players, especially if they have a monthly download cap on their connection. Downloading 30 GB over five months could potentially lift the strain they would normally have if they downloaded the whole thing in a single month.