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PUBG Corp drop the ball again as they ban players for AMD GPUs

Player is walking through a swamp in PUBG while looking for enemies

Several users of AMD GPUs have reported that they have been banned from PUBG even though they didn't use cheats. Initially, no one knew what the cause could be, but PUBG Corp confirmed that the issues were resolved and it's safe to log in.

To clear things up from get go - PUBG Corp have announced that they have resolved the issue that caused unfair bans and players can now resume playing as they have been unbanned.

The official reason seems to be that all the banned users were using AMD drivers from September 2018, namely version 18.9.1. Considering that PUBG Corp are still wrestling with actual hackers, it doesn't help their image that regular players still occasionally get banned almost a year after the peak of hack issues in PUBG, which would be around December 2017 and January 2018.

In case you're wondering why these players didn't get banned earlier as the driver release is over a month old, it likely has something to do with update #23, which included the new hardware banning anti-cheat system. While it's set to start functioning entirely on 10 November 2018, it's not excluded that PUBG Corp let it work in the background, in order to wrangle up as many hackers without a warning as they could.

Not all false ban reports seem to be on the 18.9.1 driver, and not even on AMD GPUs though. Others reported being on that exact same driver version and still not getting banned.

To PUBG Corp's defence, the official response didn't blame the driver specifically, only stating that their anti-cheat team "found a specific set of conditions which lead to a number of players being banned incorrectly", while also confirming the issue was resolved.

PUBG CorpPlayer is walking through a swamp in PUBG while looking for enemiesPUBG

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