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CS:GO pro team disqualified after one member was caught hacking

Terrorists are protesting against something on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's dust map.
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Team OpTic India has been disqualified from a LAN event, eXTREMELAND ZOWIE Asia, held in Shanghai, due to one of their players using hacks. Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat first cheated and then attempted to delete the evidence of doing so.

Unfortunately, cheating is apparently not below even some professional players these days and Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat has proven this to be the case. OpTic India were facing a Vietnamese team, Revolution, who eventually figured out something is not right in the match. 

They apparently called for a pause, the administrators investigated the issue and eventually found out that forsaken had a cheat program on his PC. All the players were instructed not to interact with their computers while the issue gets resolved, but forsaken insisted on tampering with it until the staff physically restrained him. The exact moment of him attempting to remove evidence was caught on camera and you can see it in this tweet.

Naturally, this resulted in OpTic India being booted from the tournament altogether and the team's management didn't waste any time, firing the player before they even left the arena. According to the official statement from OpTic India, the remaining four players didn't know about the cheating, and it would have not occurred if they caught sight of it.

Unfortunately for them, forsaken's actions prompted OpTic India to not only fire him, but they also released the remainder of the roster, choosing to focus on "other opportunities".

OpTic India's management is not entirely blameless though, as they chose to employ forsaken who has been previously banned for two years after he was allegedly caught cheating, but the ban was reduced to six months after stating that he sold his account and it was someone else employing illegal software.

ValveTerrorists are protesting against something on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's dust map.CS:GO

Account trading is still a breach of terms of service, so bringing a player with a shady history on board was less than an good idea.

He will have a hard time pulling this excuse again after being caught on camera, during a LAN event. On top of that, forsaken has been permanently banned from CS:GO tournaments.