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LoL World Championship group stage ends, Fnatic & KT dominant

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League of Legends World Championship 2018 group stage has concluded and while Chinese teams all passed it, the championship has so far been the most unpredictable. It is now evident the gap between Asian and western teams is closing down.

Only one out of four groups didn't have a tiebreaker match to decide the places, which was group C. KT Rolster put on a dominant performance, dropping only one match to Edward Gaming which proved detrimental to Team Liquid. The latter came in as number one seed from North America and while memes about the region's skill are flying left and right, Team Liquid ended the tournament on a positive note, despite not qualifying for knockout stage.

They have managed to chip one game off from Edward Gaming and would have gone to a tiebreaker match, had the Chinese team not won against the LCK champions. The amount of effort Team Liquid put in resulted in an emotional post match interview with Doublelift and Sjokz where he talked about his attempts to make it out of group stage. KT Rolster will face off against iG in quarterfinals, while EDG will have to face Fnatic.

Speaking of Fnatic, they dropped a game against Invictus Gaming early on in the tournament which may have shaken the confidence of some fans, but eventually picked up the pace and finished the group stage on a strong note, with 5-1 win-loss ratio. Invictus Gaming had the same score in the end, so a tiebreaker was needed to decide who will be the first seed from group D.

Fnatic is a European team, and they have kept up the tradition that dictates a European team never loses a tiebreaker match at a World Championship. Broxah has been popping off during the entire group stage and therefore it's no wonder he is currently tied in the MVP rankings with KT's Mata.

Riot GamesPicture of several champions in League of Legends posing for a pictureDuke's Irelia was pretty fancy during day 8

In case someone doubts his proficiency, here is a beautiful play by Broxah that happened during the group stage day 8, from the match that was directly responsible for having a tiebreaker in the first place.