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Valve rename Artifact's card with accidental racism implications

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Valve decided to share a bit of information on how the creative process went behind Artifact's card mechanics, explaining how Crack the Whip worked. Initially the company didn't realize implications of the name, but eventually renamed it.

Sure enough, naming a card "Crack the Whip" is not inherently racist, but the twist comes with the fact that Artifact's cards are sorted by colours and this one happened to affect "black" heroes. Therefore, the name of the card implied a player cracking a whip to alter a black person's behaviour and the racism accusations started the flying around.

Valve took the matter seriously as it seems, and the card was quickly renamed to "Coordinated Assault" no black heroes can no longer be whipped. "Whipped hero" were the actual words used on the official Artifact Twitter, despite rather obvious implications of "whipping" a black hero.

Either way, fans are relieved that Valve listened to feedback and reacted in quick manner, even though the game is still in development, in order not to provoke anyone. The tweet announcing the change was brief, simply stating "Crack the Whip has been renamed to Coordinated Assault".

It didn't need much explanation either and the new name reflects what the card does rather well - it enhances a hero's attack by +2 as well as of any cards next to the hero. The particular example used on Artifact Twitter was of an Untested Grunt being placed next to the hero, in which case the card would trigger once again, granting everyone +2 attack bonus.

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Initial reactions to Crack the Whip and its descriptions ranged from confused, over helpful suggestions to memes about the situation's ridiculousness and beta keys. Bottom line seems to be that a potential crisis has been averted as Valve provided no PR blunders for the internet to go crazy over during the weekend.

On the other hand, they don't seem to have provided beta keys for many desperate fans who want in on some action before the game comes out on 28 November 2018.