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The Division Global Event Strike start date has been announced

Screenshot from The Division showing a Hunter that usually lurks for easy kills in dark subways.
The Division - Hunter

Massive Entertainment held another State of the Game for The Division where they talked about update 1.8.3 which went live today, as well as free Survival extension and Global Event Strike which will start on Monday 27 August 2018.

Global Event Strikes features some rather enticing Classified Gear Sets, including Banshee's Shadow, Predator's Mark, D3-FNC and Path of the Nomad. Each of them is useful in specific situations, where Banshee is crafted specifically with solo Dark Zone in mind, Predator's Mark is great in PvP, D3-FNC is the tank's bread and butter and Path of the Nomad is just good all around.

The three modifiers for this Global Event will be the eponymous Strike, which makes enemies explode when they die, Pre-Emptive Strike which will make agents explode when they take sustained damage and Tactical Strike which enhances the effects of the other two modifiers by causing chain reactions.

Mask aficionados probably have Jungle, Rider and Classic masks by now but since there is a surge of new players in The Division, it's only fair to give them heads up. Rider and Classic are easy to get once you're geared up, as you can just wreck a mission in Hard Mode and be done with it. Jungle Mask takes a bit of work though, but the fastest way to farm it is through farming Lexington Event Center.

Patch 1.8.3 also rolled out today which means Striker's Battlegear got hit in the shins when it comes to PvP areas, so it would be advised to farm up that Predator's Mark set if you haven't already. A great glass cannon alternative is DeadEye set, but it is unfortunately not tied to Global Event Strike.

UbisoftScreenshot from The Division showing a Hunter that usually lurks for easy kills in dark subways.The Division - Jungle Mask

Survival is part of paid DLC in The Division and Massive Entertainment decided to make it free temporarily so players who do not own it can farm up Hunters, time spent and extractions from the game mode required for Phoenix Shield. The game suffered server issues in the past week so folks at Massive and Ubisoft have decided to extend the free period until Monday, 27 August 2018 in order to compensate for the downtime.