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If nothing made you want to buy We Happy Few, this might

Compulsion Games
A police officer with a white mask from the game We Happy Few
We Happy Few

We Happy Few is one of those games whose thematic is as interesting as the gaming part and the latest fan-made trailer by the Invision Community shows Wellington Wells and its band of jolly deluded citizens in all their Joy-fuelled glory.

Obviously, this hasn't been commissioned by Compulsion Games or Gearbox, at least it doesn't seem to be. However, it seems to be showcasing We Happy Few much better than any of the relatively brief trailers launched by the dev.

That's not to say that We Happy Few's official trailers are bad, quite the contrary. In fact, I've found myself playing the game's E3 trailer quite a few times and I honestly can't get enough of good ol' Ollie. Well, I reckon his yelling will get old eventually but I still seem to enjoy it.

Back to the matter at hand - The ABCs of Happiness, as the video is called, focuses on the predicament of Arthur Hastings, protagonist of We Happy Few. As you probably know by now, Arthur is a newspaper archive censor, who comes across an old news on the demise of his younger brother.

This makes him miss his Joy dosage, the always-happy drug, causing all hell to break loose in mandatory happy town of Wellington Wells, at least as far as poor Hastings is concerned. What follows is what We Happy Few is all about.

As you can see, We Happy Few is full of sinister overtones and with the addition of Sally and Ollie's stories, the story of Wellington Wells will tell a much deeper story than any of the characters themselves. I don't think we need to explain the symbolism of Joy and the gift of not remembering the past. No not the Memento kind.

Compulsion GamesA police officer with a white mask from the game We Happy FewWe Happy Few

Compulsion Games' Sam Abbott recently talked about We Happy Few's running time, which will be around 20 hours just for the story mode. There will also be the sandbox mode, for the sort of survival experience We Happy Few offered in its humble beginnings, but the dev said they'll be adding it after the game launches on 10 August 2018.