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Fallout 76 trailer introduces CAMP, mobile construction platform

Continuing the tradition of its four letter predecessors GECK and VATS, Fallout 76's CAMP promises to be a vital gadget, where CAMP stands for Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. Obviously, no barbecue is complete without CAMP.

I'm not sure if it's just me, or have Fallout's retro-themed presentations severely dropped in quality? Again, it could be me, but it seems that the more quality they cram into these, the more immersion they sacrifice. Or the post-apocalyptic animation departments just got better, sure.

Anyway, the CAMP trailer shows off the capabilities of the new must have device. Fallout 76 players will be using the CAMP to build their homes and craft hand made ordinance, so as to "to give your altercations that personal touch". You will be using it to establish outposts for basic needs or trading if that's your cup of tea.

Nevertheless, this is not a fortress builder and as you can see from the trailer, you'll be called to defend your CAMP-made home often. Also, the musical moment with dancing gadgets ain't quite Disney if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately for Todd and Bethesda, the more Fallout 76 we see, the more evident it is that we're looking at Fallout 4+, where + is the tacked on multiplayer. Plenty of assets seem straight up reused and don't even get us started on the logic of using wood to craft brick walls.

With the company insisting at E3 that they're not interesting in making just another survival game, Fallout 76 is sure shaping up to be just another survival game. Now we'd love to be wrong on this, because New Vegas earned them a bit of leeway, even though we don't see Bethesda pulling that anytime soon.

Other than proving itself a Fallout 4 mod-a-thon, Fallout 76 is notable for leaving more questions than answers, in the wake of its E3 announcement. The latest issue was griefing and how the company plans to address it, to which Pete Hines said that the game will not allow repeated killing. How? What do you mean how, we said it leaves more questions, duh.