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Fortnite's smoke nades are coming back as stink bombs

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As mysterious countdown started poking out of TVs on Fortnite's newly launched Switch version, Epic Games are delivering on their promise from the patch v3.3, where they said they'll bring back smoke grenades in a slightly reworked package.

At the time, Epic said smoke grenades were simply not used as much as they'd have liked, prompting the company to vault them. To be fair, very few Fortnite weapons split opinions as much, because smoke did seem to have a faithful following, some of whom really knew how to make it count.

Epic did say that they'll consider reintroducing them, provided they find a suitable solution to increase their usefulness. It seems one of these solutions has been deemed acceptable, as Fortnite's splash screen confirms that the stink bomb is on the way.

It's safe to assume at this point that Fortnite's new grenade will still kick up plenty of smoke, albeit this time it's poisonous smoke. This means that earlier usage of covering your escape routes, or just making it look that way, is no longer an option. Instead, you'll be looking to clog up enemy escape routes with stink.

As to how Fortnite's new poisonous smoke works is still unclear, badum-ts. We're most likely looking at some health and vision degradation, but we should know soon enough.

Fortnite's lately been hit by yet another mystery, with in-game TVs showing a menacing skull, most likely foreshadowing another disaster in the vein of Dusty Depot. Moreover, the game's Switch version replaced these with a peculiar timer, which has two and a half days left on it at the time of writing.

Many have been speculating that Epic plans to activate the rocket in the villain lair-looking location near Snobby Shores, which would fit into the theme of Fortnite's TV premonitions.

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With more than two days do go though, we're sure to hear more of it, along with some delightfully crazy theories that only fans can come up with. Remember the Morse code theory, where fans decoded PS4 controller vibrations to find the date of Fortnite's comet crash? More please.

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