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Epic's Fortnite update adds jetpacks and two limited time modes

Epic Games
Fortnite's latest backpack item addition, the long awaited Jetpack

We've been eagerly awaiting for Epic to throw jetpacks into Fortnite: Battle Royale for quite a while now and they finally did with the latest content update v4.2, which marks the return of Solid Gold mode and the new LTM Close Encounters.

We now know that Fortnite's jetpacks will fill a brand new item slot called Backpacks, which should not be mistaken for Back Blings. Epic says that "Backpacks will fill an inventory slot, just like a weapon or consumable and have a variety of uses", where jetpacks are hopefully the first of many items.

Jetpacks come in legendary rarity and can be found only in treasure chests. Epic explains that only one backpack item can be carried at a time and once consumed, they are destroyed. Fortnite's Back Blings will remain hidden while backpacks are active.

Fortnite's new gimmick works by jumping when in mid-air, which activates the jetpack and lets you fly around until it needs to recharge. The jetpack automatically charges when not used. You cannot target enemies while in the air though, so bear that in mind.

The new limited time mode is called Close Encounters and it does well to hint at the content - face to face combat. The mode only spawns shotguns and jetpacks; storm moves faster and the match is only 15 minutes.

Epic also brought back Fortnite's Solid Gold mode for another run, with a similar rule-set too. We're talking purely legendary drops, 50 per cent resources and everything else required for a proper Fortnite carnage. If you feel like checking out Epic's v2.4 patch notes, you can do so on Fortnite's official website.

Epic GamesWeapons available in Fortnite's limited time mode Solid GoldFortnite Gold Mode v2

Ever since jetpacks were first mentioned to be in the pipes for Fortnite: Battle Royale, everyone and their dog were speculating about how they'll work. Well, now we know but before we start speculating on Fortnite's next backpack item, perhaps a few drops wouldn't hurt.