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Fortnite Battle Royale is getting a highly explosive game mode

Epic Games
Cartoon characters from Epic's game Fortnite fighting in the field
Fortnite: Battle Royale

After the Sniper Shootout, players will get to enjoy a previous event once again, but with several improvements. The event in question is High Explosives V2 which will be hitting live servers today along with the vending machines update.

Epic announced they have brought the vending machine update live along with the High Explosives V2 limited game mode event. Fortnite’s 3.4 update hit live servers today and confirmed the vending machine myth from a few days ago.

The event is characterised by stripping the players of all weapons except explosive ones. That includes grenades, impulse grenades, remote explosives, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and the new guided missile launchers.

Epic GamesCartoon characters from Epic's game Fortnite fighting in the fieldFortnite: Guided Missile Launcher

The event will have friendly fire disabled so players should not worry about hitting their friends when aiming for the enemy, even though fun times can be had exploding your allies along with the enemy.

Also updated will be the storm timer for the first four storms, which will be shortened by 1:50. This means the first storm wait time is shortened by 20 seconds, and the proceeding three by 30 seconds.

Supply drops have a 50 per cent chance of dropping the new Guided Missile Launcher as well as an increased drop rate for materials and consumables.

Epic GamesCartoon characters from Epic's game Fortnite fighting in the fieldFortnite - Get ready to hack some vending machines to change which weapon it will offer

The event game mode is expected to last for a week or two, as Epic have announced they will have bi-weekly updates of the game with new content added every two weeks without requiring players to download a patch. Instead the content will be introduced in the previous patch but not released until two weeks later.

Vending machines have been introduced as a way to get weapons in exchange for materials. Each machine will cycle between three random weapons of random rarity.

Epic GamesFortnite mapFortnite - Vending Machine locations

The rarity of the item dictates the cost, as Common items will cost 100 materials rising up by quality to the Legendary items which will cost 500 materials.

The team also added the easter themed Egg Launcher in the Save the World part of the game, which will shoot up to six eggs which act as mines that explode once enemies come close to them.