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Details of Far Cry 5's first Live Event revealed

Boomer the Far Cry 5 dog playing fetch with an assault rifle.
Far Cry 5's Boomer is a good boy, especially when you're low on ammo.

A week after launch, Far Cry 5 gets its first Live Event today, with Ubisoft revealing the loot, upgrades, and perks on offer for completing in-game challenges over the next week, from today April 3 to April 10.

The Far Cry 5 Live Events are first of their type in the series, and Ubisoft explains: "Live Events are weekly gameplay events in Far Cry 5 that will challenge you to show off your mastery of the game by hitting certain milestones. Each event will have a different goal - achieve your personal best and help the community to reach the Community Goal to receive rewards!

You'll get personal awards for grind, sorry, activities, as well as wider community awards if the playerbase hits other milestones. So what do we have to do, and what do we get?

UbisoftFar Cry 5's first Live Event is a barbecue lover's delight.Far Cry 5's first Live Event is a barbecue lover's delight.

Personal Activities/Milestones

Kill as many animals as possible, without using flamethrowers or molotovs. So,'nades on dry grass perhaps, or incendiary bullets, or well - there's lots. Your reward is the flamethrower.

Community Award

Look a bit more badass...

UbisoftFar Cry 5's first Live Event rewards a flamethrower and new outfits.Far Cry 5's first Live Event rewards a flamethrower and new outfits.

How to opt-in to Live Events

To access Live Events, Ubisoft says: "Players must opt-in to each event from the Live Events menu (inside the campaign menus) in order to be eligible for the exclusive rewards.

Players can win rewards by completing the Personal requirements of each event. Their numbers will also contribute to the community totals. If the community meets their goal, additional rewards are also available. Players can only claim Community rewards if they made at least one unit of Personal progress in the same event."

UbisoftSelect Live Events from the campaign menusSelect Live Events from the campaign menus

One note of reassurance - Live Events allow you to notch up progress within your standard gameplay, so you don't need to halt your campaign progress for the week to play another game style: "To complete a Live Event, simply play the main game! Your progress towards the event will be counted in the background. Don't worry if you missed a reward - each Live Event reward will become available for purchase in the game later on."

The game has broken records since its launch last week, including being the fastest-selling Far Cry game yet.