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Ubisoft has announced a surprise Global Event this weekend for The Division

The Division poster showing an SHD agent armed with a Steyr AUG.
The Division - do I smell Classy loot?

While rumours about a sequel for The Division are flying left and right, an announcement on the game's twitter caught everyone by surprise. There will be a Global Event this weekend, likely starting on Friday 2 March 2018.

UPDATE: Full schedule of the upcoming Global Events can be found here.

Some sleuths in The Division caught a hint of an upcoming Global Event while checking the GE vendor in the game. The timer until the next event showed it should be starting next Friday. Soon after, The Division's twitter confirmed such a thing will be happening, with a slightly altered launch time.

Needless to say, players immediately boarded the hype train headed for a New York stuck in an everlasting winter. With a deadly virus rampaging through the city.

There wasn't much info on how long the event will last exactly, if it's a new Global Event with new assets or if this is the first one in a cycle of repeating old events over the weekends to come. Some players are already speculating this will be their opportunity to farm for gear and cosmetics they missed in previous Global Event iterations.

One thing that was confirmed, however, is that the new changes to Classified gear, Exotic weapons and Supply Drop quality will not be implemented before the event starts. This was confirmed by Massive Entertainment's on reddit

UbisoftThe Division poster showing an SHD agent armed with a Steyr AUG.The Division - This weekend is when I finally get The House. Right? Right...?

The changes in question were announced on 22 February 2018 on the regularly schedules State of the Game stream held by The Division's developers. One of the changes involved Global Event caches since players have been complaining about its RNG specifics not allowing them to complete sets during the seven day long farm fest.

Global Event Caches will be changed in the future, so the vendor will have four variations in stock so you can specifically buy the one containing set pieces you are farming for.

UbisoftThe Division screenshot showing agents dressed in different cosmetic suits.The Division - Farm Simulator mode engaged.

The upcoming update includes better loot chances accross the board and more info can be found on The Division's web site.