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Kingdom Come: Deliverance upcoming patch fixes PS4 crashes

Warhorse Studios
Countryside in Kingdom Come: Deliverance with a meadow full of yellow flowers
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Executive producer Martin Klima discussed the game's release on the official forums. Mr Klima admitted that he would have liked more time to polish the game before it launched, and that he doesn't like the comparison to a triple-A studio.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance didn't ship in a condition the dev team liked, Warhorse Studios admitted. Even though the game has gone on to become a commercial success, and sold around 500,000 copies in three days' time, it is still riddled with sometimes game-breaking bugs.

Executive producer Martin Klima discussed the release on the official forums and said that he doesn't consider the game to ba a AAA title, but it's not an indie game either. "KCD is an attempt of bridging the two: it is an indie game at heart - more hardcore, more demanding, more fierce - but with the visuals and production values of AAA game".

Warhorse Studios[undefined]Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Mr Klima admitted that he would have liked more time to polish the game before it launched and that he doesn't like the comparison to a triple-A industry that panders to a "casual and absent-minded" player.

Klima went on to say that Kingdom Come's development process has been tough on the studio. "We - I - certainly did my share of poor decisions and blunders,” he said. “We have wasted time and energy on things that we eventually had to abandon. We had to crunch a lot this last year".

"However, I believe that we did some things right, too. We had a remarkably low team turnover – only about thirty developers have left over the six years of development, so I presume that people, if they not actually like working for Warhorse, at least put up with it. We created an open and friendly environment where everyone can speak up their mind."

Warhorse Studios’ creative director Daniel Vávra tweeted some news about the upcoming patch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance:

One of the most important changes that are incoming for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is official mod support, currently still in progress. Fixes to framerate drops and dialogue loading times are also on their way.

Lockpicking and pickpocketing have been improved along with the bug that caused a PS4 crash and corrupted the save data.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was released on 13 February and has already sold more than one million copies across all platforms.