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Final Fantasy XV to get a free demo next week, limited-time Half-Life pack available

Square Enix
A close-up of a character from Final Fantasy XV in Gordon Freeman's suit from Half Life
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition - Half Life pack

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will be available via Origin, Steam and the Windows 10 store. The game's PC demo will go live on all those platforms on 26 February 2018. Each store will offer different pre-order bonuses.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition's release date is drawing ever nearer and Square Enix is on the last leg of their "make them pre-order it" journey. As a result, they decided to throw in a Half-Life pack to sweeten the deal.

Additionally, there's a PC demo coming next week. The demo will feature Final Fantasy XV’s entire first chapter, tutorial and the opening quests. It will be available via Origin, Steam and the Windows 10 store on 26 February 2018.

Square Enix[undefined]Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition - Half Life pack

Exclusive in-game items and bonuses that are intended to coax you into pre-ordering or purchasing Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition have also been revealed. Most of the pre-order content was previously announced, but now some extra details for the Steam version have come to light.

If you pre-order or purchase Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition via Steam from 22 February until 01 May 2018, you'll receive the Half-Life Pack. It comes with an in-game costume for Noctis based on Gordon Freeman, the HEV Suit, Scientist Glasses and a Crowbar. 

The Half-Life Pack will available for the multiplayer expansion - Comrades. Square Enix will also throw in a bonus "FFXV Fashion Collection" that contains a selection of T-shirts for Noctis to wear.

Square Enix[undefined]Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Pre-ordering the game on Origin will get you a bonus FFXV Decal Selection. It features decals for the Regalia, based on Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis, along with the men and women of the Kingsglaive. Further details regarding the early purchase bonuses for Origin are to be announced at a later time.

Square Enix would like ot let you know that the save data from the Windows 10 version of Final Fantasy XV is compatible with the Xbox One version of the game. This has become somewhat of a standard practice when it comes to games that get released for Windows 10.

In addition, there will be a post-launch update for the Windows Edition that will enable Windows 10 and Xbox One cross play for the Comrades multiplayer mode. If you pre-order Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition through the Microsoft Store, you'll get a bonus FFXV Powerup Pack.

Square Enix[undefined]Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition - new boss Cerberus

The pack contains the Dodanuki sword which reduces enemy defence with each slash. The pack also includes 10 phoenix downs and 10 elixirs. Joy! Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and the Royal Edition for consoles, will be released on 06 March 2018.

As always, AltChar advises against pre-orders of any kind, but you go spend money whichever way you like.